Welcome to GiversRoom

Giversroom is a family, and we are here to make your dream come true. We are a community of like minded people, coming together to help one another. "Give and it shall be given unto you in 2 folds (50% ROI)". You do not need to refer people before you will earn. Join us today and rejoice tomorrow.

Register Account

Fill the registration form with correct details, most especially your bank account details (this cannot be changed after registration for security reasons). Now click on Register to create an account.

Give to the community

After registration, login and click on Give > Donate, after some time the computer will send you an email asking you to pay a/some participants. Do that with all gladness, for you will reap from it.

Receive Pledges

Exactly 7 days from the day you clicked on give, a button will appear on your dashboard "Add to Queue", click this button and the system will automatically assign a/some participants to give to you.

Why Join The Community

  • Fastest growing donation exchange in Ghana
  • Fast and well maintained servers – NO UNSCHEDULED DOWN TIME AND SLOW SYSTEM.
  • Real money integration.
  • We are all about sustaining the system, no greed to collapse the system
  • Re-Commitment structure to help sustain our community.
  • We value opinions of our members and make effort to live to their expectations
  • We believe in financial freedom for all, therefore we endorse digital currency technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

GiversRoom is a community of individuals coming together to help one another, you give to the community and as a show of appreciation, the community will assign a/some participants to give to you(50%).

GiversRoom is totally legal. Transactions here are done voluntarilly, and there is no law or policy that prohibits that.

In giversroom, donations are transfered directly to members account. To this, it depends fully on the members paid to, to return the money.
GiversRoom is not a pyramid scheme neither is it a HYIP nor 'networking' system. You do not need to build a sort of matrix before you earn. It is on a 'turn by turn' basis, you give to the community and when it is your turn the members of the community will give to you.
With the top security system run on GiversRoom, once you have saved your account details you will not be able to change it. Unless after providing ownership evidence to the support.
Yes you will have to, immediately you receive the payment made by a participant to you, kindly log in and confirm him/her.
No, the community does not allow multiple accounts. The system cross checks ip addresses and cookies data at all times. To avoid been barred, keep only one account.
GiversRoom rewards you with 5% of what every active member you refer to the community gives. This referral bonus is payable when it sums up to ₵500. NOTE: You do not need to refer before you receive!.